My experience in child development.

Child Development is defined as the physical and mental changes that occur between birth and the end of adolescence, as a child progresses from a fully dependant person to an increasingly autonomous one. (Fancy word for independence, look at me and my fancy word of the day.)

Before becoming a father, I didn’t spare a single thought to child development or education. To me that was something people did after finishing school to head into teaching or day care for kids. Being young and naive, I only ever imagined women to go for that role.

*Slaps Wrist for Sexism*

Let me explain, growing up, the biggest role models in my life were women. From my own Mother and Sister teaching me the ways of the world, all the way to the majority of my teachers and even driving instructor being female, I’ve had most of the positive influences in life from women.

Naturally, when it came to child development, I didn’t trust that men like me could ever be good enough for the job. I never noticed how many Dads existed until I became one myself.

I didn’t have that influence from my own father growing up, which is why I had no faith or confidence in my own ability to be a parent myself. Since Willow was born, I’ve discovered that ability is very much present in me, and in so many fantastic Dads I see every day.

Now at this stage, at only 18 months old, Willow isn’t quite ready for trigonometry or learning quantum theory, but educational development is my main priority. Looking to her future and the world she’ll need to be prepared for, it’s all so interesting and exciting.

During our pregnancy classes, they touched on the subject about how a baby’s mind develops, from shapes helping their sight down to the motor skills and physical development. Seriously amazing stuff.

I’ve now seen first hand how incredible Child Development really is, and have a huge amount of respect for those who choose that as a career path. I find myself looking at new techniques and ways to help my daughter continue smashing through milestones on a daily basis, so thankful for google and Pinterest!

My wife Jodie (@astoryfrommum) is a primary teacher as well, so this house is full of encouraged learning, with two parents who are now passionate about it!

Looking back at my inexperience in the development of a child, it’s surprising they let us have one, the fertility clinic never asked for any qualifications! But seriously, it takes years of training and teaching to become an actual teacher, teaching kids for a few hours a week, but there’s no qualification to teach and raise a child full time for life.

I may still have a lot to learn, but as long as we’re all learning something and winging it a little, we’re still moving forward.

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