A Story From Dad

The Story Begins, Again.

Welcome back to my blog, A Story From Dad!

As intros go, I’ll keep this one short, as there will be plenty to keep up with, as long as I can keep up with it.

My blogging journey began when it really hit me that I was going to be a father, it’s not as early as you’d expect. You see, for me, it didn’t seem real at first, it took a while.

It hit me one night, our baby was still, not much kicking around in there. I read somewhere that it’s good practice for a father to speak to ‘the bump’ as it allows the baby to learn their fathers voice, so they recognise them at birth.

I was fascinated by that. But what hit me was, when I started reading those Dr. Seuss pages of ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’, my baby started moving, so much so that my wife Jodie must have felt fairly uncomfortable. For me, that moment changed my life as I knew it. And I think she knew it too.

Inside that womb, our baby wasn’t just hearing me. She was listening.

I became Dad that day, 79 days before birth even happened. That story changed everything. Something so small and seemingly silly to some, created a bond between a father and daughter that I’ll never forget.

We’ve been sharing our story ever since. Now 18 months later, I’m ready to take it up a notch, this parenting life moves way too quick and is far too special to not document it.

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come!

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